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Temporary exhibition: Neon Delight

Enjoy our temporary exhibition and a number of our permanent installations.

From March 14 to November 29

Artists: Tracey Emin (GB) | Jeppe Hein (DK) | Brigitte Kowanz (AT) | Mario Merz (IT) | François Morellet (FR) | Jan van Munster (NL) | Maurizio Nannucci (IT) | Bruce Nauman (US) | Bruno Peinado (FR) | Anselm Reyle (DE) | Bernardi Roig (ES) | Keith Sonnier (US) | Olivia Steele (US) | Giny Vos (NL)

Up to 11 €/p
60 min



James Turrell's colourful lighting experience Skyspace comes to life during sunset. Natural and artificial light meet at dusk and mutate the sky into a colour surface that seems to close down the room from the sky and yet is the sky itself.

The art work entitled 'Third Breath', which has been especially designed for Unna, links two perceptual rooms, Skyspace and Camera Obscura, and allows visitors to get a completely new visual experience.

11 €/p
90 min
Photo Tour

Among our visitors we see many photographers, and most of them want to start taking pictures as soon as they see the museum's charismatic installations and photogenic industrial spaces. Especially for these photographers we organize regular photo tours, where you have the chance to photograph at your own speed and wishes.

In a small group of maximum 10 people, you are accompanied by one of our guides during a two-hour shooting. Get your camera and tripod ready!

35 €/p
120 min

Private Tours

Private Tour,
auf Deutsch (in German)

Book your own private tour, and make your visit to the museum into an exclusive happening. We guide you through our permanent light art installations and temporary exhibitions at your own speed and according to your wishes.

From 80 €
90 min
Private Tour and Skyspace,
auf Deutsch (in German)

Enrich your own private tour, in which we guide you through our permanent collection and temporary exhibition, with an exclusive experience: James Turrell's Skyspace, which only shows its magic at sunset. Treat yourself to an enlightening happening.

From 140 €
180 min